STATCOM Application Fields
STATCOM Application Fields

STATCOM Application Fields (Static Synchronous Compensator)

Our static synchronous compensator, STATCOM or SVG, requires no voltage booster and can be directly connected to a power grid. It features fast response, high reliability, small footprint, less loss, and diversified compensation functions. It can be extensively applied in intellectualized power grids, new-energy grid connection, rail traffic, and internal power grids of various large industrial enterprises to realize appropriate voltage and reactive power control, improve the quality of electric power, improve the electric power system stability, enhance the double-current long-range transmission capacity, as well as guarantee safe, stable, efficient and high-quality operation of the electric systems.

Power Grids

Our static synchronous compensator can quickly implement capacitive and inductive reactive compensation, and thoroughly solve the reactive power releasing caused by the compensation modes of conventional ON/OFF condensers. In case a power grid is subjected to a fault or suddenly increased loads, the STATCOM can dynamically offer voltage support so as to avoid large-area severe power failure accident caused by transient voltage breakdown.

WLD-HSVG system can work with the existing fixed gang-condenser or other phase control reactors, automatically regulate the reactive output of the device, and control the ON / OFF of the shunt capacitors, so it is the most efficient way to improve power supply quality of the power grids.

Wind Farm

With the unceasing expansion of unit capacity of wind turbine generator systems and the constant enlargement of the scale of the wind farm, the mutual influences between the wind turbine generator system and the power grid get more and more severe, resulting in the difficulty in large-scale grid connection of wind electric power.

Our static synchronous compensator system can help the wind farms meet the grid connection specifications so as to implement the best solution of large-scale grid connection of wind power, including low-voltage ride-through, voltage regulation and power factor correction. With outstanding dynamic properties and short-time high overload capacity, our STATCOM is extremely suitable for the reactive compensation of wind farms. It can provide constant voltage regulation, power factor control, low-voltage ride-through, or even short-time active support for the entire wind farm.

Electric Traction

Electric railway locomotive is a kind of single-phase nonlinear load. In its operational process, it may generate harmonic waves and negative sequence current and impact the electric system, resulting in voltage waveform distortion, three-phase voltage dissymmetry, and voltage fluctuation. These may cause the equipment failure, such as accidental initiation or operation of protective relay devices or parallel connection of compensating capacitors.

Our static synchronous compensator can be used to compensate the power supply system for locomotive traction, dynamically raise the power factor of the traction grids, reduce the negative phase sequence current of the systems, suppress the voltage fluctuation and flickering caused by reactive impacts, and eliminate the harmonics generated by electric locomotive in operation. Our product can be widely applied in the electric railways, urban underground, and rail traffic.

Adopting modular design, all power units are identical in structure and electrical performance, so they are interchangeable.

Metallurgical Industry

When the nonlinear and impactive loads, such as electric arc furnaces and refining furnaces, are connected to a power grid, severe 3-phase imbalance and negative phase sequence current may be generated in the power grid. High order harmonics may also be generated. The even-order harmonics (second and fourth) and odd harmonics (third, fifth and seventh) usually coexist in most cases, so that the system voltage distortion may get more complicated, resulting in serious voltage flickering and relatively low power factors.

The static synchronous compensator produced by our company is able to carry out comprehensive compensation for dynamic reactive power, harmonic waves and uncompensated loads for the power supply systems that are connected to loads such as electric arc furnaces. Its response time is less than 5 ms. It may completely eliminate the system's 3-phase imbalance caused by loads like electric arc furnaces, exclude all kinds of harmful harmonics, suppress voltage flickering, improve smeltering efficiency, and bring about considerable economic benefits.

Heavy Industrial Loads such as Rolling Mills and Hoists

The heavy industrial electric loading systems, such as rolling mills and hoists, are composed of high-power electric/electronic equipment like high-power AC/DC motors, converters, etc. The power factors are low and the reactive impact is high, so that the busbar voltage is subjected to frequent fluctuation and a lot of harmonics flow into the power grids and lead to high loss of distribution grids. The hazardous high order harmonics generated by driving devices installed inside the loads may make the mains voltage suffer severe distortion and harmonic spike voltage.

Affected by the above factors, the industrial distribution grids may fail to meet the requirements given in relevant national standards on the quality of electric power; economical operation of the power grids may be affected; the electrical equipment may also be severely impacted; and the equipment insulation may be damaged or even the electrical equipment can not work normally, thus influencing the regular production.

Our STATCOM or SVG can control the quality of the electric power for the enterprises provided with heavy-duty industrial loads such as rolling mills and winding gears. It can stabilize the system voltage, increase the power factor, reduce the reactive penalties released by the utility, reduce the electric energy loss, and bring about remarkable economic benefits for large industrial enterprises in the metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, mining industry, and ocean shipping industry.

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