Technical Advantages
Technical Advantages

Technical Advantages of Static Synchronous Compensator

Static synchronous compensator, STATCOM/SVG, is the most advanced reactive power compensator. Based on voltage source converter, it realizes a qualitative leap in reactive power compensation. Large-capacity capacitors and reactors are no longer needed. STATCOM uses IGBT or IGCT with high switching frequency to realize reactive power regulation.

Compared with traditional compensation devices, STATCOM has the following advantages.

1. Faster Response
STATCOM response time: ≤5ms
Traditional static var compensator response time: ≥10ms

STATCOM can complete the conversion from rated capacitive reactive power to rated inductive reactive power in a very short period of time. This unexampled response speed makes the STATCOM fully capable of compensating for impact loads.

2. Stronger Voltage Flicker Suppression Capability
SVC can restrain voltage flicker to 2:1 in maximum, but STATCOM can achieve 5:1 or even higher. Due to low response speed, SVC's capability for voltage flicker mitigation can not be improved even with high capacity. But STATCOM responds quickly. Hence, increasing its capacity can further improve its ability to restrain voltage flicker.

3. Wider Operating Range
STATCOM/SVG can work from rated inductive power to rated capacitive power. So compared with SVC, STATCOM has a much wider operating range. What's more, STATCOM can output rated reactive current even under low system voltage.

4. More Compensation Functions
Static synchronous compensator not only functions as a fast reactive power compensator, but also as a harmonic and unbalance compensator according to different needs of customers.

5. Lower Harmonic Content
Adopting PWM, 3-level and multiple technologies, STATCOM generates few harmonics and it can compensate load harmonics. Thus, STATCOM becomes a truly multifunctional compensator.

6. Smaller Volume
Without the bulky capacitors and reactors, the static synchronous compensator occupies a much smaller area than the SVC with the same capacity, only 50% or even lower.

The static synchronous compensator is jointly developed by our company and the Tsinghua University, the No.1 university of science in China. Our most important advantage lies in that we have many years of experience in the field of medium voltage variable frequency drives which has almost the same structure and technology with STATCOM. In addition, we have over 21 years of experience in producing protection relays for reactor, capacitor, and other devices.

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