Technical Features
Technical Features

Technical Features of Static Synchronous Compensator

1. Our static synchronous compensator can provide fast smooth dynamic compensation from inductive to capacitive reactive power. It can also eradicate reactive power delivery to power grid, meet the maximum request to compensate power factor, and keep power factor close to 1.0 at anytime
2. It has powerful capability to support voltage and to operate continuously under 1.1 times rated load
3. The STATCOM produces no harmonic and compensates nearly all load harmonics without amplifying them or generating harmonic resonance
4. Fast response and better performance in restraining flicker
5. Low power loss, more economic operation
6. More secure, stable and reliable due to the insensitiveness to the system power parameters
7. Modular design; All power units are the same in structure and electrical performance, so they are interchangeable, making installation and maintenance easy
8. Redundant N+1 structure provides higher reliability
9. Small installation space

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