VFD Applications
VFD Applications

Applications of Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives

1. Power Generation
In power generation industry, our medium voltage AC motor drive can be applied to a wide range of equipment such as the mill fan, forced draft fan, induced draft fan, booster fan, primary air fan, secondary air fan, feed pump, slurry pump, circulating pump, condensate pump, and more.

2. Cement
Draft fan, air blower,high-temperature fan, dust collection fan, grinding machine, etc.

3. Metallurgy
Blast furnace blower, dust fan, compressor, slurry pump, feed water pump, etc.

4. Petroleum & Chemical
Water injection pump, crude oil pump, compressor, fan, circulation pump, etc.

5. Urban Water Supply
Water delivery pump, water intake pump, water supply pump, sewage treatment industry, self-fractionating pump, etc.

6. Minerals & Mining
Mud pump, ventilation fan, belt conveyor, slurry pump, etc.

7. Others
Loads such as fan, pump and compressor in pharmaceutical, paper making and wind tunnel test.

Especially for Fans and Pumps

Power Plant Pumps, Fans
Steel Plant Fans
Cement Plant Fans

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