VFD Technical Advantages
VFD Technical Advantages
Technical Advantages of Variable Frequency Drives

Compared with other similar products, our medium voltage variable frequency drive (VFD) has the following advantages.

1. No need of motor derating operation
2. No need of extra output filtering device
3. No dv/dt damage to the insulation of the motor and cable
4. No cable length limit when the voltage drop is within the permissible range
5. No torque ripple induced by harmonics, and the service life of motors and mechanism devices can be prolonged
6. Directly drive the general medium voltage synchronous or asynchronous motor, causing no increase in the temperature of the motor.

In addition to the above advantages, the medium voltage variable frequency drive produced by our company has the following functions and features.

1. Protection against overheat, overload, over-current, over-voltage, phase loss, and negative sequence
2. Grounding protection
3. Current limiting
4. Interlock protection of control power supply
5. Power cell bypass function
6. Control cabinet automatic bypass function
7. Cabinet door opening alarm function
8. Lock-phase function
9. Synchronizing switch function between variable frequency and power frequency
10. Soft start of motors, no impact on mechanical equipment and network11. Two sets of control power hot standby for redundancy
12. As a voltage source type variable frequency drive, it can realize stepless speed regulation which turns the typical motors into the intelligent motors
13. Efficiency greater than 98% under rated work condition
14. By phase shifting of the secondary winding and multi-pulse diode rectifier, isolated powers can be acquired and supplied for power cells. (18 pulses for 3/3.3kV, 30/36 pulses for 6/6.6kV, 48/54 pulses for 10/11kV)
15. Due to the adoption of the multi-pulse rectifier technology, the VFD can effectively eliminate the harmonic current.

16. Power cells communicate with controller through optical fiber, completely electric isolated
17. Internally set PID regulator can realize running in closed-loop
18. Multiple communication methods with host computer, isolated RS485 interface, standard MODBUS RTU, communication protocol, PROFIBUS DP (optional), industrial Ethernet communication protocol (optional)
19. With accurate fault records, users can inquiryinformation and locate fault
20. Compact construction, reasonable layout (customization is available)

21. Our medium voltage inverter drives have very good protective design against dust, acid mist, moisture, ferrum pulveratum, etc.
22. Bypass cabinet complies with the requirements of electrical safety and it has a pressure relief channel to ensure the safety of the operators
23. Modularized design of power units, interchangeable, easy to produce and repair
24. Any fault location can be accurately found based on the advanced diagnostic procedures in the MPU.

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