Why Use Our VFD
Why Use Our VFD

1. Increased Reliability
Using the variable frequency drive to adjust speed is more reliable than traditional approaches, such as using turbines to control flow. The system design of redundancy also increases the reliability.

2. Significant Energy Saving
To avoid large flow energy loss, the flow control valve is not necessarily required. In fact, the VFD is more efficient than other flow control methods.

3. Less Maintenance
The AC drive needs almost no maintenance. This is in stark contrast to turbines, guide vanes, and flow control valves that require a lot of regular maintenance and associated downtime.

4. Air & Noise Pollution Eliminated
Gas turbines used to drive compressors can produce large amounts of air and noise pollution. In densely populated areas, this can be a big issue. The adjustable-speed drive system generates no air pollution and negligible noise.

5. Soft Starting one or More Motors, Power Factor Correction
When the electric drive starts a large motor, the inrush current with associated mechanical and thermal wiring stress is eliminated. This removes the limitation on the start frequency of the motor, reduces insulation damage, and prolongs the service life of the motor. Additionally, the phase-shifting transformer and power cells connected in series can increase the power factor of the overall system to 0.95 or more.

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