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    1. Static Synchronous Compensator / STATCOM

      Our static synchronous compensator, or simply STATCOM, is especially designed to meet the market demands for high power impact loads like rolling mill, ladle furnace, heavy-duty hoist, electric arc furnace, etc. It adopts cascaded multilevel inverter circuit.

    1. Static VAR Compensator / SVC

      Reactive power, measured in var, compensation or control is an important part in a power system to maximize power transmission capability, to minimize power transmission loss, to stabilize the power system, and to maintain the supply voltage.

    1. Thyristor Switched Capacitor BanksOur thyristor switched capacitor banks (TSC/TSF) with high-speed switching capability are designed to support the supply voltage of distribution systems, and eliminate the harmonic current produced by the connected loads, on the basis of DSP control technology and instantaneous power control theory.
    1. Active Power FilterNon-linear loads have been widely used in recent years. Yet, the quality of power supply is seriously affected due to their non-linear, impactive and unbalanced characteristics. Before the application of power electronic components ...

Power Quality Device

Power Quality Solution

As an excellent power quality solution provider in the world, our company mainly provides power quality devices such as the static synchronous compensator (STATCOM/SVG), static VAR compensator (SVC), thyristor switched capacitor bank (TSC/TSF), and the active power filter (APF). For more details about these electric power system components, please click into specific pages.

Why Is Clean Power So Important?

Modern semiconductor technology is a tool for improving productivity and profits. It's designed to run on clean electrical power. Ironically, with the sophistication increase of this technology, its susceptibility to power disturbances also increases.

Clean power for technology is like clean fuel for cars.

What Must the Utility Provide?

Constant voltage

All the current needed (breaker limited)

Protection for people and traditional loads, like lights and motors, through grounding procedures.

Where Do Power Quality Problems Start?

Disturbances can be generated external to a facility.
Disturbances can be generated internal to a facility.

External Origins

Grid Switching
Utility Fault Clearing
Power Factor Correction
Inductive Load Switching

Internal Origins

Internal disturbances are usually more numerous and destructive.
They are produced by all electrical loads in your facility.
The disturbance sources are also closer to sensitive devices which limit the damping effect of wiring.

Common Power Problems
Sags / Dip
Brownouts / Blackouts
Power factor problems
Three-phase unbalance

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