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Static Synchronous Compensator / STATCOM

Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM / SVG)

Our static synchronous compensator, or simply STATCOM, is especially designed to meet the market demands for high power impact loads like rolling mill, ladle furnace, heavy-duty hoist, electric arc furnace, etc. It adopts cascaded multilevel inverter circuit. The new cascade M-level inverter is composed of (M-1)/2 single-phase full bridges in which each bridge has its own separate DC source. It can not only eliminate the bulky transformers in multi-pulse inverters of the ASVCs, but also respond within 1ms, much faster than the ASVCs. In addition, this inverter can produce nearly sinusoidal waveform voltage with only one time switching per cycle.

Static synchronous compensator, also known as static synchronous condenser (STATCON) or static VAR generator (SVG), is an important device for flexible AC transmission system (FACTS). It is the new and advanced dynamic VAR compensation device after FC, MCR and TCR types of SVC. Its emergence represents the application of the state-of-the-art technology to dynamic reactive power compensation.

Our static synchronous compensator is connected in parallel to power grid through reactors and works as a reactive current source. Its reactive current can be regulated flexibly to compensate reactive power for system automatically. Meanwhile, it can improve power quality, like eliminate harmonics, voltage drop, voltage flicker, voltage fluctuation, three phase unbalance, etc. This power quality device has superior performance in many aspects such as response time, stabilizing power grid voltage, reducing system power loss and harmonic, suppressing transient voltage, as well as increasing power transmission capability. Additionally, it occupies small space.

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