1. Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives
    2. Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives

      The medium voltage variable frequency drive, or simply called as VFD or AC drive, is the backbone in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction. This adjustable speed drive is widely used for normal motors of fans, pumps, compressors, etc. Adopting a new type of IGBT with advanced microcomputer control,

    1. Medium Voltage Soft Starter
    2. Medium Voltage Soft Starter

      Our medium voltage soft starter is a kind of electrical device applicable to the startup of various heavy-duty motors ranging from 3 kV to 11 kV. It is able to restrict the starting current of the large motors to 1.5 ~ 4 times their rated current.

    1. Static Synchronous Compensator / STATCOM
    2. Static Synchronous Compensator / STATCOM

      Our static synchronous compensator, or simply STATCOM, is especially designed to meet the market demands for high power impact loads like rolling mill, ladle furnace, heavy-duty hoist, electric arc furnace, etc. It adopts cascaded multilevel inverter circuit.

    1. Static VAR Compensator / SVC
    2. Static VAR Compensator / SVC

      Reactive power, measured in var, compensation or control is an important part in a power system to maximize power transmission capability, to minimize power transmission loss, to stabilize the power system, and to maintain the supply voltage.